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Details for Going o the Park Rules.

Name:Going o the Park Rules.


This page was made for someone we had difficulties with when taking him to the park. He is in High School and has autism and had quite challenging behaviour problems but he was quite intelligent and had quite a high level of understanding. We knew that he really enjoyed our class shop where he could buy his favourite foods to eat (who wouldn’t enjoy that?). So we decided to reward him for each behaviour that he follows when going to the park, this included, holding hands, feet on the floor (because he loved to climb), hands to himself and listening to the teacher. We rewarded him with a card which he puts on the chart for each rule that he followed and when we got back to school he would exchange that for real money to use to buy things at our class shop. This really worked for him, and he was as good as gold every time we took him to the park (on most occasions anyway).

He also learnt very quickly that each coin has a value and is worth more than the other.

This resource is made for Australian money but you can edit it by taking photos of money used in your country and pasting it over the Australian coins.

Made by MYSELC.

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