Friday, February 23, 2018
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Details for Maths Addition Question Pack

Name:Maths Addition Question Pack

This Maths Addition Question Pack I have used to teach children Addition using counters. For those who struggle with writing numerals, I would laminate the numbers in the Question Pack, cut and velcro. I would then place the numbers in the question box and have the students use the 'Maths Addition Helper' (You can download this as well) and counters to assist the child with adding. The student will first look at the first number in the question box, find the correct number of counters to place in the first box of the Maths Addition Helper, and then move onto the next number. The student will then combine all the counters on the Helper into the answer box and count up all the counters. The student then finds the correct numeral to place in the answer box of the Question page.


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