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Details for Reading & Writing Numerals to Hundreds of Millions

Name:Reading & Writing Numerals to Hundreds of Millions

Many children have considerable difficulty with reading and writing larger numbers to thousands and millions.  I have found one way that simplifies the concept, so that even my grandson (who is in kindergarten) was able to read numbers like this after only about 10 – 15 minutes instruction.
I have found that many children with a mild intellectual difficulty can read numbers involving hundreds  (e.g. “578”). Start to teach your child/children to write numbers under the thousands column (in blue). Writing a number in all 6 columns within the blue and white boxes, you can explain that you read the numbers in the blue columns just as they appear with their hundreds, tens and units, but you then say “thousands” before you go on the read the last 3 columns. Once the children understand this, you can proceed to the next step, which is to read millions!

Children are usually excited at breaking the ‘code’ that they have not previously understood, so be prepared for them wanting to eagerly demonstrate their knowledge of this aspect of maths!


This page can be laminated and reused when writing with a whiteboard marker.

By D’Arcy Watson

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