Friday, February 23, 2018
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About Us


The ‘Special Education Learning Centre’ was primarily started by me. My name is Tony Bo and I am Special Education teacher in Australia. I started this website as a means to bring people together and promote the SHARING of printable resources and ideas to help educate our children with learning difficulties or disabilities. Over the years of teaching children and adults with special needs I have continually found difficulties to locate suitable equipment and resources for children and adults with Special Needs, so much time has been spent on making appropriate teaching material to assist with the education of children with special needs. 

Many children and adults with disabilities do not learn by verbal instructions alone, they require many resources to assist them with learning that we either make or buy. And making these resources can be very time consuming which only impacts on our teaching time and the student's learning. Hence, SELC was created so that we all can share these valuable resources and ideas so that the education of our children be substantially improved. I believe that a simple attitude of sharing will impact many lives of individuals with special needs across the world.

I believe that the education of our children is most successful when we all come together and SHARE our valuable knowledge and experiences. If you feel the same as I do, please join this website and help contribute to the needs of our children.

Please submit all resources that you have even if there are images that may be copyrighted, if necessary I have an artist friend who is willing to change these images to support this cause.

If you know of any great websites please also share them to us all.

"Together we can make a difference!"



Many blessings,




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